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I like One Direction.
I like Harry Styles.
I like Nick Grimshaw.
In no particular order.


just impulse bought more one direction tickets #oops 


Suit Appreciation: Nick Grimshaw (part 1)


you all know that band right? one direction 

will someone please inform me of how i’m supposed to get over them. 

i’m a 20 year old, who is currently an emotional wreck over a band, when i should be revising for uni exams. 

just found out that my parents are going away this weekend, i was relying on them to get me tickets because i have an exam. 

seriously need to get my life in order, and stop crying. 

pps if anybody fancies putting a ticket on ebay for a not so extorniate price i would be very grateful xoxox

I’m not really feeling tumblr at the moment. 

It makes me sad. I miss One Direction. 



The girl on Sweating The Small Stuff confessing she sleep cheats on her boyfriend with Grimmy whilst he does Harry’s hair was so funny to see Grimmy’s face.


hes such a fricken cutie

can we all just appreciate the little look grimmy gave to caroline when : 

'he made me go with harry whilst grimmy did his hair'

i don’t know what to think. 


I’m really good at flirting with people when I’m not interested in them

‘We remain very fond of each other because first and foremost we are friends. We got very close for a time but that’s between me and Harry; what happened is between me and him, and then, you know, we decided it was best to be just friends,’ she says a little nervously. At the time of the break-up – just before One Direction went on their chart-conquering tour of the US – Harry denied rumours that he had ‘dumped’ Caroline. He has also commented that he was feeling run-down at the time and needed a vitamin injection to help him through the rigours of the tour, and this led to rumours that he was not over Caroline.

‘Harry is adorable, he is a nice person. He was nice to me; we were nice to each other. We are still friends, he’s brilliant, he is so much fun,’ she says with the sweetest smile.

‘These are just silly stories in a very serious world. When you think of the real news stories – people around the world dying of starvation, being killed in conflicts or born into poverty – and then you think what I did: I went out with a younger guy and I am the front page news… it’s just absurd,’ she says.

But unfavourable coverage is not going to stop Caroline from loving love. Love, she says, is indiscriminate. ‘You don’t choose it, it happens regardless of age, gender, religion or any other barrier. I don’t like casual relationships. I am completely in love with being in love. A lot of my friends have casual relationships and there is nothing wrong with that, but it’s not for me. I am looking for love; I am a real romantic.’

Caroline Flack


(via 17flack)

I have to write 4000 words today. 

Should be fun.